AQUALAR pH9+ (19L)

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  • The only 19 L bottles with Natural Mineral Water in Latvia that are made of PET1 material
  • 19L bottles are disposable – always clean and sterile, without microcracks that can occur with reusable bottles.
  • Does not contain BPA
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  1. This is mountain water which comes from 425m depth from unpolluted are in Bulgaria. The water comes with natural pressure up to the mountain.
  2. Contains a large amount of Silicone (84mg/l) which is a very essential element for good health and Beauty.
  3. Low mineralized 256mg/l and a great pH of 9,4. Suitable for everyday use.
  4. Very light and pleasant taste.
  5. It is easy to drink AQUALAR pH9+ because it absorbs in the body 5 times faster than regular water.