Hunyadi Janos Gyogyviz 0.7L

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Magnesium (Mg2+):2160 mg/l
Sodium (Na+):5110 mg/l
Calcium (Ca2+):430 mg/l
Hydrogen-carb. (HCO3):738 mg/l
Sulphate (SO42-):18700 mg/l
Chloride (Cl-):660 mg/l
Sum total of ingredients:30200 mg/l


The two main ingredients of Hunyadi János healing water, known and used since 1863, are sodium sulfate and magnesium sulfate. The benefit of medicinal water is that it is not addictive, like other medicines and teas for cleansing the intestinal tract.

Glauber’s saline (sodium sulfate) medicinal waters are characterized by their laxative properties and their therapeutic effect on mild cases of colitis. The healing water washes the intestinal walls, dissolving bacteria and inflamed secretions, which are then passed out in the stool. Unpleasant complaints, such as pain and a feeling of bloating, decrease and then disappear as a result of bowel cleansing. Medicinal water can be successfully used for effortless bowel movement, which is very important for cerebral vein diseases, post-stroke conditions, hemorrhoids, atherosclerosis and hernia. Medicinal water is an effective ingredient in the treatment of certain gall bladder diseases; its use also reduces the risk of gallstone formation. With the effect of sodium sulfate and magnesium sulfate medicinal water, the gallbladder contracts and the flow of bile into the intestines increases. Long-term use of sodium sulfate medicated water helps to regularly empty the gallbladder and increase bile secretion, which reduces the risk of gallstone formation and inflammation. When used after meals, medicinal water inhibits the absorption of fats and proteins, so it can be used as a dietary supplement.

It is necessary to use 200 ml of medicinal water for one-time cleaning. When using medicinal water in a concentrated form, the effects will appear only after 12-24 hours.

If you use it lukewarm, on an empty stomach, diluting 200 ml of medicinal water with 200 ml of normal water (50-50%), the effect will appear within 1-2 hours. (This is also confirmed by Dr. Tamás Sándor’s research on post-operative bowel initiation in surgical patients.) An investigation by Professor Sandor Tamas aimed at activating the bowel functions of surgical patients after operations.

Medicinal water should be taken on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals; For the treatment of intestinal catarrh, a daily dose of 100-200 ml is recommended, as part of a cure. In case of functional disorders of the gallbladder, liver diseases and diabetes mellitus, it is recommended to use 200-300 ml per day, drinking in several smaller portions.

For the purposes of slimming treatment, against obesity, it is recommended to use 100ml of medicinal water three times a day after the main meal.

In acute catarrh of the stomach and intestines, lack of stomach acid, bleeding ulcers of the stomach and intestines, weakness of the heart, as well as diarrhea, vomiting and significant fluid loss.