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Essential Well Nr.2 carbonated 1x1l

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Essential Wel No. 2 carbonated drink with natural salt content 1L. Perfectly satisfies the feeling of hunger and suppresses the appetite. Promotes the natural and gentle release of toxins from the body. The magnesium contained in the water involves fats in the metabolic process and dissolves salts. Improves digestion and metabolism, supports biochemical processes, normalizes water and salt balance in the body. Improves skin elasticity and firmness. Restores water and oxygen balance, increasing endurance, coordination and concentration during exercise. Restores essential minerals and trace elements lost during training. Thanks to its potassium content, it synthesizes proteins and important enzymes, improves carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Rich in magnesium, water compensates for the loss of important proteins, promotes muscle recovery and prevents muscle cramps. Chemical composition of the drink: About ..<150; Mg … <50; HCO3 …1700-3450; SO4 … <50; Cl…<100; Na + K… 500-1250. Total mineralization: 2.5 – 5g/l. Store at +5C- +20C. Ingredients: natural mineral water. Distributor SIA Trialto Latvia.