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Magnesia carbonated 1.5l

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Contains natural magnesium. Magnesium is a basic element for energy production in living organisms. Magnesium affects more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Therefore, its lack can easily become the cause of health problems. Taking magnesium helps to reduce feelings of stress and fatigue. Carbonated natural mineral water from Karlovy Vary with magnesium.Calcium Са2 + 69.7, 20.4 Magnesium Mg 2 +, Na + 60.8 Sodium, Chloride Cl-Sulfate SO42 12.6, 42.4, total mineralization / Solids mg / l 532. Manufacturer: “KARLOVARSKE MINERALNI VODY, a.s.”, Horova 3, 360 21 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Distributor SIA Trialto Latvia.