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TICHĖ – a unique, mild-tasting, medium-mineralized, alkaline, sulfate-rich natural mineral water with a unique composition of minerals. More than 10 natural minerals are dissolved in one bottle. Nature’s balanced composition of minerals and sulfates allows you to enjoy the benefits of TICHĖ every day. water is harvested and bottled from a depth of 689 meters. At such a depth, the water retains its pristine, pure state created by nature itself. Components (mg/l): Anions: SO2-4 834mg; HCO-3 108mg; CI- 46mg; Br- 4.9mg; F- 0.3mg; Cations: Ca2+ 220mg; Na+ 76mg; Mg2+ 73mg; K+ 19mg; Li+ 0.05mg. Distributor: SIA Trialto Latvia.