Natural Mineral Water

In Europe there are 3 main categories of water types: Natural Mineral Water, Natural Spring Water and Drinking Water/Table water. It is important to understand that any of these water categories except distilled water can contain a large variety of different minerals. Only distilled water does not contain any minerals and it is deionized. All other water categories correspond to one of these three main categories. All of them have different certification requirements and standards. The only water type that needs official recognition is Natural Mineral Water and its chemical composition must always be stable. Natural mineral water is tested with around 200 individual examinations and is the only food product required for official recognition. Both Natural Mineral Water and Natural Spring Water cannot be mixed with other water types and there must be nothing added or taken out from the water. These two water types must stay natural as they are and must be bottled only at the water birthplace from an underground source. Exceptionally, iron may be separated. On the label there must be writing “Natural Mineral Water”. Unlike Drinking Water which has more flexible rules, the chemical composition may be changed, and it can be any water that corresponds to the requirements of Drinking Water. These three categories do not have any connection with the mineral amount in the water, it is the pure status of certification (in Europe). Please find out more about these categories in PickAqua’s Learning Materials.

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