Radenska (1,5L)

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Radenska Natural Mineral Water, Carbonated (with natural gas from the spring) Slovenia, PET 1,5L

Excellent rich water with balanced mineral content. Pleasant velvety taste, provided by natural gas from the water source. Natural gas (CO2) is a strong competitive factor that only very rare waters possess.

Rich in minerals. Total mineralisation 3064 mg/l. Rich in Calcium and Magnesium, ideal Ca + Mg ratio 2:1. Rich in hydrogen carbonate (HCO3), which is beneficial for the digestive system. Rich in Silicon (Si), a beauty mineral.

Radenska is the perfect water for active lifestyles, athletes, pregnant women, after sweating and all those who love the true power of nature. It is an excellent water for replenishing the body with minerals and regaining strength after a long night.

Radenska can be counted among the “Must Drink” waters.

1L of Radenska replenishes the body’s essential minerals, on average 20% of the daily intake of Na, Ca, and Mg.

One of the most popular natural mineral waters in the Balkans. Radenska has proven itself since 1869 with its excellent taste and balanced mineral composition. The natural origin of the mineral water is estimated to be 12 000 years old.

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