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PickAqua Water Shop - “Experience Water like never before”.

PickAqua Water Shop offers a unique and curated selection of premium bottled waters with unusual and healthy mineral compositions. Our team of professionals has carefully analyzed over 3000 sources to hand pick only the best of the best, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality natural mineral waters. The variety of different waters in our shop will only grow with time.

Our selection includes popular brands that are locally or internationally recognizable and also the most exclusive and rare mineral composition waters from different countries.

We live in a time period where we are very likely the last generation to enjoy perfectly clean, healthy waters with original and unfiltered mineral composition. Natural waters that are filled at the water birthplace, and do not need to be disinfected and filtered from the influence of the technogenic environment.

On planet earth, 97% of water is salt water, and 2.5% of fresh water is locked in glaciers or is too deep in the earth’s layers for us to reach. Only 0.5% of all fresh water on the planet is available to us, including all rivers and lakes. If we were to turn this 0.5% volume of water into 100 liters, then from this amount only half of a teaspoon would be quality water that we can safely drink. PickAqua offers only the best of the best waters in its water range.

We do also water home deliveries which make the whole process more comfortable for the end user providing the client with different types of water covering the lifestyle healthy needs. For the comfort of our customers, we offer also a subscription-based water relationship, which guarantees that your “well” will never run dry, and the highest quality of hydration is guaranteed always in time.

For those water lovers who are outside Baltics, we also provide delivery. Just contact us and we will find the best solution.

The benefits of purchasing water via PickAqua are numerous. Our customers have access to premium waters that have been shown to promote health and well-being. We believe that the unique mineral composition of our water sources provides an unrivaled taste and provides important elements to the body for optimal hydration. There are many good waters out there, but we’re confident that our list of waters is excellent. PickAqua’s motto is “Choose Water, not the bottle”.

Furthermore, by purchasing water via PickAqua, our customers collect loyalty drops that can be used to receive real water or different products that we offer. Every transaction on our website earns water droplets that can be accumulated and exchanged for valuable items like water bottles, t-shirts, or other merchandise.

PickAqua Water Shop is developing new functions, we work hard to provide the best service and offer our water lover community the best deals. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay always in touch and receive new interesting upcoming offers.

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