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First of all, the water category, is it natural mineral water, natural spring water or table/ drinking water. The major difference is that natural water’s chemical composition may not be changed, the chemical composition must stay as it’s from the birth moment and the water has to be bottled in the water birthplace right where the source is. Drinking/ table water chemical composition may be changed, it is allowed to filter is and to add minerals to it, that’s why it is not any more natural water. Secondly, when you choose water, you should pay attention to the total dissolved solids amount, this parameter shows if the water is light, middle or heavily mineralized. (all the deeper explanations are in the water app PickAqua) And as the third criteria by choosing water, you should know your goal, what is what you expect from water. For example, you wish to find water that is good for everyday use, then it should be water with low mineralization, or you wish to find water that would be good for the nerve system than it would be water with high magnesium amount. In the app, there are more than 45 different water categories of use.

Its good to change waters from time to time, because every water mineral composition is absolutely different. But if you feel ok with one water than its ok, as long it is a light mineralised water. Check in the app light mineralised water benefits.

The best water in the world is the one that you like personally, chemically, emotionally and that tastes good for you at that specific moment. Your preferences might change from time to time. It’s good to drink different types of water, just to have the option for your body to choose. Same goes with food. You probably don’t want to eat cucumbers all the time, although they are very healthy. With time your body will give you advice on which water you really wish to drink.

The best water for your child is the one that is in the kid’s category because the waters which are meant to be for kids have more strict rules than other waters. They must have lower contamination levels.

Dry mouth, thirst, fatigue, dizziness, headache, dark urine.

If you are training, pregnant or ill. Also if your environment is not healthy, for example, in places with a high electromagnetic field.

On the average calculation, it should be 33ml per 1kg of your weight. But these numbers can slightly change depending on weather conditions, sweating, eating habits, even clothes material that you wear.

Uncomparable! Tap water is very different! But it would be something like comparing air in a metropolis city in rush hour and air next to the sea. Both are breathable, but the chemical compounds are quite feelable in the city air. Most of the tap waters are very low quality. There are very much influencing facts, such as where from coms the water? Is it only an underground source or mixed with upper ground sources- rivers, lakes or even sea. The tubes are also a very problematic part of the water world. The source might be ok, but the old tubes are just too old to deliver good quality water. And at the very end, tap water in Europe is allowed to disinfect with 50 different chemical compounds.

Every water contains minerals, only distilled water is empty. Natural mineral water and natural spring water, are waters from an underground source, and the chemical composition may not be changed. Natural mineral water is the only water type that has more strict certification rules than other waters and its mineral composition must be stable during the year. Drinking water or table water has the same certification rules as tap water

If you drink in large quantities very heavily mineralized water for a very long period of time yes you can harm your self. Therefore use the PickAqua app recommendations in which situations to choose the right water.

Only natural water, that has not been changed chemically can call it’s self natural, nothing can be added to this water.


Everyone should decide for themselves what to expect from the water. It has to be understood that tap water is disinfected for safety reasons, and around 50 different substances for disinfection purposes are allowed in Europe. Mostly tap water consists of groundwater and surface water, which means that the water contains almost all imaginable substances that exist in the technogenic environment. Of course in very small quantities but contains. In fact, high quality bottled water from a reliable source is not at all comparable to tap water. It would be like comparing the air in a megapolis at peak hour with the fresh air in a pine forest. But answering the question of whether tap water is potable, the answer is yes, tap water be consumed, just as one can breathe air in a mega pole during rush hour. But will tap water be able to improve our health? Of course, the quality of tap water varies greatly from country to country, but overall, bottled water and tap water are quite uncomparable in quality and purity. It is up to each of us to decide honestly with what quality of water we want to fill our bodies.

Tap water is disinfected for safety reasons, and around 50 different substances for disinfection purposes are allowed in Europe.

The biggest difference is that bottled water has much stricter rules for safety and purity. And the water is monitored directly at the site where it is also bottled. Tap water is also monitored at the source only, but once it reaches the final consumer, no one is responsible anymore. Tap water is always disinfected with chemicals. What is not needed for bottled water, since it is suitable for use as it is from birth.

First, you have to understand what you wish to get rid of. If you choose reverse osmosis filter, this kind of water should not be consumed as drinking water. Because the water has an aggressive nature, it means that the water which has been treated with a reverse osmosis filtration system literally wants to get back some water content. It means that the water would take some minerals from the environment that it touches. If you choose the reverse osmosis filtration system, choose the ones that have mineral cartridges, that fill back the water with some minerals. But here is another issue, the more tubes the filtration system has, the lower the microbiology quality. No filtration system is able to purify water from everything.

Perfect water does not need any filtration, a perfect water is perfect for consumption from the very birth. It has all chemical and microbiological compounds in the range of norms. For a perfect water, there is no need to be filtered. If you live in an environment where the water needs to be filtered first, it will never be perfect, but still, it will be much safer than unfiltered water.