Water Choice App


The PickAqua app is designed to help users to choose the best bottled water for their personal needs and preferences, featuring a comprehensive database of different types of water.

Just by scanning the barcode of the bottle or searching for the drinking water brands in the database, you can receive a wide range of water mineral composition explanations and the best form of how to use it. To use the app user can simply input their preferences and needs and the app will recommend a list of the best water options based on their preferences.

In addition, the app also provides educational materials and a glossary of water-related terms, making it an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about water.

PickAqua water choice app has many revolutionary functions, such as a water calculator, that helps the user to calculate the consumed mineral amount from different waters. As well as the first AI-based digital Water Sommelier Jean, who provides the user with a brief introduction about almost any water in the world.

A new generation water drink reminder, that not only reminds you to drink water, but every time inspires you with an interesting fact about water.

With its extensive database, personalized recommendations, and educational materials, the app is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay hydrated and healthy.

Water delivery services. In some countries, water delivery services are already connected to PickAqua making access to your favorite waters faster, cheaper, and simply more comfortable.


Our goal is to expand the view and interest of society towards the water. Help people to find the right water for the right situation to improve their health and satisfy their needs.

Therefore, for everyone who is ready to dive deeper into the world of water, we offer to take an online course or learn in person about the properties, secrets and best practices of water, which are compiled from modern science, medicine, Ayurveda, religion and the experience of Water Sommeliers.

“Every person who will learn a little more about Water, will fall in love with this subject.”

Water Sommelier
Dan Volevah

Become a Water Ambassador

Global problems:

We want to raise awareness of global water problems and inspire people to treat water the best way they can! We approach the end user through the water they drink.

Only an educated and responsible person can save the world’s life-giving liquid.


We want to give water brands an opportunity to introduce all the reputable water benefits to consumers in a fresh and educative way. We want to make a real shortcut between water and consumer physically and emotionally!



Water quality, mineral composition, temperature, and drinking technique are just as important as the amount of consumed water.

Water is the basis of good health and longevity. Use water as an instrument to improve your lifestyle.


"Water is the Carrier of Life. Life is Spirit that lives in Water. The taste of Water is the taste of Life."
Dan Volevah
Water Sommelier

Our dream is that one day, every person on the planet will be inspired by Water and treat it like a miracle.

We want to give water brands an opportunity to introduce all the reputable water benefits to consumers in a fresh and educative way. We want to make a real shortcut between water and consumer physically and emotionally!


In the year 2123, there will be only stories about water quality and how it was today. It is very possible that we are the last generation that can enjoy natural waters as they are. Without the need to filter and disinfect them.




The Water Sommelier Union is the association of all Water Sommeliers throughout the world. Our community grows every year. Water Sommeliers are individuals who are qualified through training and theoretical and practical examination as skilled and competent experts in the field of the cultural beverage mineral water and spring water.

“When the diversity, functionality, and personal experience of water opened up in front of my eyes, that yes, water can affect my endurance in sports, water has taste, water can emphasize the taste of food or be the best companion in gastronomy for wine, coffee or tea, and that in general, every water is unique and mineral content can influence many functions I had a burning desire to share it with the world. That is when the first idea of PickAqua was born.”
Dan Volevah
Water Sommelier, PickAqua founder


  • The first certified Water Sommelier in Eastern Europe;
  • Analyzed over 3000 brands of water;
  • In 2022 traveled to 16 countries to search for new potential springs in Europe;
  • Water Ambassador online course author “The art of Water choice” www.waterambassador.org;
  • Experience in the water sector since 2013;
  • Conducted more than 10 medical studies on the impact of water on health at the Riga Stradins University;
  • Conducted unconventional experiments with water with diamonds, holy water, and informed water;
  • Successfully developed several brands of water from scratch;
  • International Aqua Business Consultant;
  • Author of the book “Closer to Water”;
  • Permanent member of the World Water Science Organization;
  • Participant in the talent show The Brain 2020 as Water Sommelier.