This section is dedicated especially to enrich your knowledge and understanding of water and specific water parameters. We have gathered a variety of information and learning materials, covering a wide range of water parameters to help you understand the many intricacies of this incredible resource.

Learning materials will provide you with detailed explanations of all the minerals that can be found in water and their effects on our health. The combinations of these minerals and trace elements are what determine the nature, taste, and healing abilities of the water. For the perfect water choice, it is necessary to know the goal one wants to achieve and then select water according to its properties. As we say, there is no best water in the world, but there is the best water especially for you, for a specific purpose. For example, if you wish to prepare the best-tasting tea in the world you would need specific water that will help the tea to open its maximum taste and aroma potential, and not block it as most of the hard waters do. But on the other hand, for recovering after sports you would need mineral-rich and hard water. The bioavailability of minerals in the water also depends on the proportions of the minerals.

What is the best water?

So knowing the combinations and healing abilities of each water type gives you the opportunity to use water with its maximum potential. Water does not have to be rich in minerals to have a healing effect, every water has its own powers. Our mission is to explain the real and true nature of water properties.

Here we provide information on various terms and regulations related to water. Certain terms are used differently in different countries, and the regulations on the amount of minerals and trace elements in water are also different in individual countries. Very often, this misleads the end consumer’s understanding of the true meaning of the information provided by various sources. In the PickAqua app, you can always find all the necessary explanations of water content, mainly oriented toward European legislation and regulations.

In the frequently asked questions section, you are sure to find valuable information and answers to questions that will expand your understanding of water.


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