White Water carbonated (0.75L)

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Glass bottle 750 ml, carbonated

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“Discover White Water – the essence of purity and vitality. Alkaline natural mineral water with pH 9.2 and light mineral content (TDS 158 mg/l). Rich in silica, the beauty mineral. White water is perfect for daily hydration.
Ideal for those who appreciate the power of nature.

What makes White Water unique? It contains naturally occurring colloidal silver, a truly rare element, in water. It was not for nothing that our ancestors put silver coins in water.

Taste: Bubbly, Subtly sweet, velvety taste.

The perfect water for the HoReCa segment, which will make the organization truly special with the choice of White Water.

Exceptionally clean water from an un polluted environment. Obtained at a depth of 515 meters with natural deposit pressure in Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains National Park.

Elevate your hydration with White Water – where purity and elegance meet the rarity of the mineral composition.”