Vytautas carbonated 1,25L

0.76 (0.63 Sin IVA)



Carbonated natural mineral water. Vytautas is the most mineral-rich natural mineral water in the Baltics, 7309 mg/l. Recover calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals – whatever you’re sweating from, Vytautas will help you recover. Vytautas is a medically researched mineral water with a constant chemical composition, recognised for everyday use and health care. We say. Vytautas – undiluted, unfiltered, without additives – its composition is balanced by nature itself. Regain energy and minerals!

  • Ingredients:
    • Natural mineral water.
  • Manufacturer:
    • UAB “Birštono mineraliniai vandenys” ir Ko B. Sruogos g. 7, LT – 59209, Birštonas, Lithuania.
  • Storage conditions:
    • Store in a cool place and protect from direct sunlight. Storage temperature range: from 3°C to 24°C.
  • Package:
    • Plastic.
  • Other information:
    • Country of origin:Lithuania
    • Net quantity (g/ml):1250
    • Brand:Vytautas