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Look no further! Our web page has the ultimate section for you: “The bottled water database”.

We have carefully curated an extensive list of bottled water brands available in your country and worldwide. We cover everything you need to know about your water. Starting with explanations of water-specific parameters, water taste and ending with superpowers and effects on our well-being.

Meet World’s first digital Water Sommelier Jean

Our digital Water Sommelier Jean is always on hand to assist you 24/7 in understanding the content of the water you wish to know about. We believe that knowledge is power, and understanding the water you consume is essential as you can use it with the maximum output as a health-enhancing instrument.

Simply ask Jean about the water you want to know more about.

Digital Water Sommelier Jean will explain to you the content of water, including the proportions of minerals, purity, use recommendations, and other properties. So that you can make an informed decision when choosing your next source of hydration.

The healing powers of water have been documented for centuries.

By choosing the right water with the needed dominant minerals to achieve your goals, water can be used as a real booster instrument. In the PickAqua app are described 60 different programs you can improve just by making the right decision. It has never been easier to navigate the world of water. As an example, you can choose your water for endurance in sports, water for digestion, water for skin beauty improvement, nerve system, water for weight reduction, and even prepare the best-tasting tea or coffee in the world, just by choosing the proper water with the optimal mineral proportions for it.

For the ultimate experience, we recommend downloading the water choice app PickAqua. With the app, you can access information about your water at your fingertips, just by scanning the barcode of the water. You can learn about the source and best practices on how to use it.

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Can't find your water on the list?

In case you can’t find your favorite bottled water on our list, don’t worry you can add it to the database yourself via PickAqua. And in the shortest possible time, you will receive the mineral content interpretation. Our app is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, allowing you to contribute to our ever-growing database of bottled water.

Every future water searcher will be grateful for your effort.

Use the ADD NEW WATER section in PickAqua App, or contact us directly by sending all the data on the water label.
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Private water consultation

In case you wish to have a shortcut and personalized consultation, let us help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your bottled water. Set an appointment and we will consult you about your locally available waters. We speak English, German, Spanish, Latvian, and Russian.

“Water is something that we drink every day, all our inner chemistry reactions are happening in the water inside us. Even our emotions and thoughts.” Water Sommelier Dan Volevah