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The mystery of thawed water

Winter is a very special time, a period of water’s exclusive zone just as it is freezing and thawing.


There are three well-known states of water: liquid, ice and gas. But the phenomenon of the exclusive zone of water, discovered some time ago, is the fourth phase of water, the fourth state.

Water itself is a mystery. The first fact that makes the behavior of water “strange” is that water is the only element on earth that expands instead of contracts when it freezes.


Many people are deliberately fascinated by freezing water. But what really makes frozen and thawed water so special? And is it healthy to drink?

Most people freeze water for two reasons.

The first is to purify the water chemically and the second is for information.

How do you unfreeze water properly so that it is chemically pure?


If the aim is to purify the water chemically, then some of the frozen water must be discarded.

During the freezing process, the water compresses all dissolved minerals and other elements into the very center and outer edges of the ice. This can also be observed with the naked eye. The more dissolved minerals in the water, the more pronounced and larger the white “core” in the center of the water will be.

If we let the outer edges melt and get out the ‘white core’ in the center of the water, the water that is left over will be almost pure H2O. This method of water purification can be used if we want to purify the water chemically.

But if the water chemistry is of good quality to begin with, e.g. good bottled water freezes in the car in winter, then this method of discarding the core is unnecessary, as we do not want to get rid of the healthy minerals in the water that our bodies so desperately need. 

Minerals from water are absorbed by the body most efficiently and even more effectively than those from artificial mineral additives.   

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What water you shouldn’t drink?

Pure H2O without minerals is definitely not what you should drink in the long term from a health point of view, because of the ‘aggressive’ nature of such water. Pure H2O (also osmo-filtered) starts to take up minerals from the body. Such water, especially pure water, can be used for a very short period of time if, for example, we are doing a cleanse, but not on a daily basis and not in the long term.

Informatively pure water.

The second reason that thawed water is so special is its “informative” state. In non-traditional science, water that has changed its aggregate state from liquid to crystalline (ice) and back to liquid, or from liquid to gaseous and back to liquid, is considered to have undergone informative purification. And the reason for this informative purity is precisely that the pre-existing clusters – order of water molecules is disrupted.

So if a bottle of water in the car freezes in winter, when it thaws, it will be informationally purified. This could be called a “bonus process” for those who agree with this theory.

What else happens in the freezing and thawing process?  

The fourth phase of water, discovered not so long ago, besides the liquid, gaseous and icy states we are so familiar with. The fourth phase is the Exclusive Zone (EZ) of water.  This phenomenon was discovered by Professor Gerald Pollack, one of the world’s most famous water scientists.

Water Sommelier Dan Volevah on the left and Professor Jerald Pollack on the right.

So, what is EZ water? 

It is a special phase that water enters shortly before changing its aggregate state. I like to compare this state of water to the liquid terminator in the movie Terminator 2, which had the property that it could take on any external appearance. But before the terminator changed its appearance, it first turned into a mercury-like mass for a while, and only then did change its appearance.

Water behaves in exactly the same way before it changes state. It initially becomes EZ water, or Exclusive Zone water. And only then it takes on its next aggregate state.


So if you have a bottle of water in your car that is about to freeze or thaw, it’s exclusive zone water. And the most interesting thing is that in the cells of the body, water is in this EZ water gel-like, crystalline form.  It could also be called living water because it has an ORP (oxidation potential) with a negative charge, which also acts as an antioxidant.

It is not for nothing that children like to “eat” icicles or snow in winter, as it is the most pure living Exclusive Zone Water.


How to increase exclusive zone water in our body?

EZ water is like a battery in the body that keeps us healthy.

Drinking freshly frozen water will not be enough to multiply the EZ water in your body.


If we are exposed to sunlight and fresh air for at least an hour every day, the EZ water in the body will expand and multiply. Sport and regular exercise, sauna, grounding, ice-cold water, infrared radiation, sufficient quantities of high quality water, minerals, and healthy fatty acids are what is needed to keep the EZ water in the body in optimal shape. Under optimal conditions, EZ water literally expands inside the cells and the body becomes firmer, feeling good and healthy.

How long does water stay in the EZ zone?

Unfortunately, the water in this exclusive zone only lasts for a very short time. And to drink it, we literally have to drink barely melting ice water. It will keep its properties a little longer if we thaw it in total darkness.

What water is better to drink, cold or warm?

I am not a fan of drinking cold water myself, and most often recommend warm water, following the traditions of Eastern medicine. From an Ayurvedic point of view, cold water takes away the life energy that accumulates in the solar plexus region. So, when we cool the solar plexus with a large amount of cold drink, we lose life energy. Also, cold water, from the Ayurvedic point of view, increases the so-called Vatta, or air element, in the body. Often people with increased Vatta (air element) suffer from various joint problems.


But if the water in the car is frozen, then of course, small, small sips of EZ water will not be refused by me. Because it’s really something very, very exclusive.


Don’t do this to your water!

What you definitely shouldn’t do in winter with frozen PET water bottles is put them on radiators to thaw them out. Because not only will the ice in the bottle melt as it warms up, but the heated bottle itself will spoil the water. Better just to let the water thaw at room temperature.


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