how to become a water sommelier

How To Become a Water Sommelier [2024 Guide]

How To Become a Water Sommelier Have you ever wondered who helps match the right water with the food at fine dining restaurants? Enter the Water Sommelier. A Water Sommelier

Constipation. Can water solve it?

Yes, it can! It is a question of water mineral composition, temperature, and drinking technique...
best alkaline water

The 17 Best Alkaline Water Brands of 2024

In recent years, alkaline water has seen a surge in popularity among health-conscious consumers seeking hydration with added benefits. With its elevated or natural pH levels and added minerals, alkaline

Water Sommelier Dan Volevah in Talent Show “The Brain”. Russia, Moscow Season 5. Episode 7

1) First task was to find from 40 glasses filled with water from glass bottles, to find one glass with...

Bottled water quality! (Short version)

In this video, we are explaining myths regarding bottled water quality and electrolysis. Touching the potential...

How Water changed my Life! Howard & Yvonne. Water Sommelier.

Annual Water Sommelier meeting in Germany! Interview with Water Sommelier from Water Selection...

The mystery of thawed water

Winter is a very special time, a period of water’s exclusive zone just as it is freezing and thawing. There are three well-known states of water: liquid, ice and gas.

3 steps: how to choose water?

To answer this question, it is necessary to clearly understand what is what? Similar to choosing a car, at the beginning we find out its year of manufacture,

Everyone should learn to distinguish the taste of “burnt” water. How to do it?

What water you shouldn’t drink in summer? As summer progresses, the amount of water consumed increases and the risk of filling your body with damaged (“burnt”)

Water, skin, beauty & health

It is no secret that the human body is literally made of water. Good skin health is hard to imagine without taking enough water on a daily basis. However, the

The golden rule for storing water!

Especially important for mothers and children! What should you never do with water in order to have a long and healthy life Dan Volevah25th May, 2021 How to store